What is Personalization?

What is Personalization?

If you see a cake store, you will know that it broadly sells cakes. Going inside, the cakes are segmented into weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and others. Looking specifically at the birthday cakes, you will see cakes targeted towards male or female, young or old, big or small. If you order a birthday cake for your birthday, you can specify your name, age, flavor and color preference. That specific cake is your personalized birthday cake.

birthday-cakes cake2

This tasty example is analogous to the conversation around the voice of marketing content. Content be created with a broad, segmented, targeted or personalized voice. It is relatively common to create content that is broad, targeted or segmented, but creating personalized content is less common. The value of personalized content is that the customer feels that you are talking to them directly and only to them. This allows you to have a real conversation with your customer on a personal level and not just blast content at them.


To determine if your is personalized, answer these two questions:

  1. Does each person receive a different piece of content?
  2. When you sent the same exact piece of content to two people, is one of them confused?


If the answer was YES for both questions, then the content was personalized. If not, then you are creating really good content that can be used across multiple customers, but it isn’t personalized to each one. Regardless of the voice of the content, it is most important to be clear about what the goal of the campaign is and create content with that in mind.