Storybulbs Uses Amazon Polly for Personalized Voice-Over!

Storybulbs Uses Amazon Polly for Personalized Voice-Over!

A Match Made in the Cloud!

Storybulbs recently looked for a new and exciting personalization feature for our video personalization platform. The most requested and obvious choice was personalized voice-over. We are already able to automatically select a pre-recorded voice file to accomplish pseudo personalized voice-over. Unfortunately, creating these files are time consuming, costly and require huge updates for a message change. To improve this offering, we investigated a number of text to speech service providers that could disrupt the traditional method. The following were a few driving requirements:

  • Support both female and male voices
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support SSML
  • Have a road-map of continuous improvements

From our research, it became clear that Amazon Polly (a text to speech service managed by AWS) met and exceeded the needs and expectations of Storybulbs. Polly has the most natural sounding speech, has a large list of languages in both genders and has plans to improve at an “Amazon” rate. The Polly API is designed for immediate response which allows Storybulbs to bind Polly to Storybulbs videos in real-time.


“Polly has enabled Storybulbs to accelerate voice-overs to a whole new dimension of personalization”

By selecting Polly, Storybulbs is able to provide customers the ability to automatically personalize the voice-over of a video. The voice-over can be as simple as personalizing the name of a person or company, or the entire message and voice personality. All of this can change based on the details about the person the video is intended for. Storybulbs is currently the only Personalized Video Platform to offer this functionality at no additional cost.

If you want to see how it sounds, fill out this form or just reach out for a demo!