Why Your Saas Product Needs Personalized Videos!

Why Your Saas Product Needs Personalized Videos!

Saas products have one major advantage that is inherent in their user base:

Users Expect Feedback!!

This feedback can be manifested in the form of suggestions based on usage or utilization statistics for the usage of the product. Regardless of specifics, the feedback is based on data that is collected from the users. Unlike other products and platforms, Saas users expect the product to not only collect this data, but also use it to enrich their experience and utilization of the product through feedback and suggestions. Because this is such an important aspect, the medium that the feedback is provided to the user can make the difference between a good product and a great one. So what is the best way to provide that feedback to the user?

1000+ Words

It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, so what is a video worth? What about a video that has been personalized to the viewer? Studies show that video is the best way to convey information in an engaging and memorable way.

59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text

80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days

Using video to provide feedback to Saas users will increase engagement and drive customer satisfaction. Displaying a 30 second video to a user with personalized and relevant feedback is more valuable than lengthy email or even a visual dashboard. A video speaks to the user directly and on a personal level that is immediately engaging. By including specific feedback such as usage, utilization or suggestions the user will feel more engaged and appreciative. This will ultimately drive customer satisfaction, adoption and referrals.