Why Not Personalized Video?

Why Not Personalized Video?

It is 2017 and everybody is making predictions on the “top marketing trends” or “what will be big in Marketing this year!” One of the items that is making a surge this year is Personalized Videos. Not surprisingly, every major publication and research group already agrees that videos and personalized content dramatically improve marketing campaigns. This initial data confirms that putting these together are improving everything from CTR to time on site. So…

Why aren’t more people utilizing personalized videos in their communications and marketing?

Michael Ballard at Lenovo recently wrote about some large companies that have executed personalized campaigns over the last couple of years (Cadbury, Coke, NIKE, Lenovo). In the past, large companies have been the only ones with the budget to execute this type of campaign. Now, with the advances in cloud computing, that has changed and now it is easy and accessible.

There are now multiple options for creating personalized videos through browser based Saas platforms. By using these platforms, a company uses existing video content to create a 30 second personalized video campaign. This campaign could go out to 1000 people and cost under $400. In addition, the creation, distribution and monitoring is automatic with the use of existing CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. So the question that every company and agency should be asking is WHY AREN’T WE PERSONALIZING VIDEO ALREADY!