What You Can Learn About Personalization From “Share a Coke”?

What You Can Learn About Personalization From “Share a Coke”?

The Coca-Cola company  launched the “Share a Coke” campaign back in 2011.    The campaign increased soft drink sales by 2% and increased overall consumption from 1.7 to 1.9 billion servings per day. This was an unprecedented shift in an industry that is highly competitive. So why was it so successful?


Human Element

Delivering personalized and relevant content to the customer created a simple yet successful campaign. The Coke campaign did this by putting a real persons name on their products, but the basic idea is to connect on a human level.

Studies have proven that humans gravitate towards content that is relevant and personalized.   These studies concluded that individuals gain a deeper sense of connection when content is personalized to them. This connection makes their world smaller, more understandable and therefore more comfortable. Personalized content is more relevant to the individual and therefore people are more inclined to engage with that content.


Ever Shrinking World

The beauty of the the Coke campaign was that it made the world feel smaller. They did this by sharing an individually personalized Coke.  This created an inclusive and familiar product experience that drove people to buy a Coke for family and friends. To take this to the next level the campaign could be extended beyond a single product. The campaign could include additional content such as websites and videos. Imagine the original commercial having your name and the name of your actual friends on the cans. These additions would further engage people on a singular and personal level and allow them to be included in the actual commercial. The technology to take this type of campaign to the next level with truly personalize videos is now available. Products such as Storybulbs provides easily accessible video personalization at scale for any company.