Should You Create Videos or Personalized Content? Why Not Both?

Should You Create Videos or Personalized Content? Why Not Both?

Marketing leaders are all talking about two major trends in marketing content. Half the industry is clamoring over how to best use Video content in their marketing strategy. Meanwhile, the other half is focused on personalizing traditional content. Although these are both accepted marketing strategies, there is a third which is less adopted but more powerful. Personalized video content combines the advantages of both Video and Personalization to create something that is immediately engaging and at the same time relevant to the individual. To understand the value in personalizing videos, it is important to understand the value of each of these strategies separately.



Video has been proven to have higher engagement, increased interest and better retention than any other content type. All of the statistics point to the fact that video is a very powerful medium that cannot be ignored. Although digital video has been around for more than a decade, the technology and accessibility is causing an exponential growth in creation and consumption.



Marketing professionals agree that personalized messages increase engagement. Personalization does this by bringing individual customer into a meaningful conversation instead of just pushing generic content at them. Customers today are drowned in a sea of digital marketing content and are looking for something that is created specifically for them. Personalized content is like extending a hand of friendship to each customer. The ability to personalize content has been around since the beginning of the 21st century. Fortunately with the progression of technology, what was once a novelty has become an expectation.

Personalized Video Content


By focusing on Video as the medium for personalized content, marketing professionals can realize all of the advantages of both options in a single piece of content! Personalized elements within the video will draw the customer into the conversation while the video will increase interest and engagement. The next generation of consumers expect engaging and individualized experiences, which is best met by personalized videos. With current technology, it is possible for anybody to take a video and personalize any type of element and then distribute it to an unlimited number of people.