4 APIs to For Your Personalized Videos

4 APIs to For Your Personalized Videos

One valuable feature of Personalized Videos is the ability to automatically pull data directly into a video from APIs. This saves time and effort of collecting and processing data for each video. Below are four great APIs that are sure to improve viewer engagement of videos!


#1 Open Weather

Open weather API provides the ability to get the current and forecasted weather anywhere in the world. There are two great uses for this type of API. The first is to simply show the current/forecasted weather of the viewer directly in the video. A second option is to change the intent of the videos based on weather in their location. Showing someone heading to the beach if the weather will be nice, going to mall if it is going to rain. Below is an example of the first scenario based on the IP address of the viewer.


#2 Gender API

Gender API uses a first name to determine the gender of a person. With this information, the video can be manipulated in a multitude of subtle ways. It is possible to change the font, voiceover, video content and many other elements based on this simple data point. A simple example can be seen below where the font color of the video is changed automatically based on the name of the viewer..


#3 Clearbit Logo

Clearbit is a great API that returns a company logo based on the provided company domain. This can be extremely valuable when looking for a way to make a viewer feel more engaged with the video. Depending on the goal of the video, this logo could be used to keep call out the viewers company or to help them visualize how they might see their company using a product. Below is a simple example of subtly including the logo to keep the viewer engaged.


#4 Similar Web API

Similar Web provides estimated webtraffic of any website by simply providing the domain and date range. The data returned can be used to make decisions about the content of the video, to provide the data in a graph or even a combination of both! An example would be to display a graph of the traffic, but also call out specific trends to the viewer based on the data. All of this can be automated and scaled to include multiple users in the same company or different companies.


Additional APIs

These are only four of the multitude of public and private APIs that are available. If there is a specific piece of information that you want to pull into a video, just search to see if there is an API for it. If an API exists, you can use the the standard features of Storybulbs to put these external resources to automatically improve your video engagement!